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Everyone has that perfect image of the person they hope to marry. Yet, it is sometimes hard to know for sure if the guy you are dating is long-term relationship material. Although a look into their eyes may send your heart fluttering, you also want to know that they have what it takes to go the distance. It is always good to go with our instincts when it comes to dating choices, but you will also know that he is definitely a keeper if your man demonstrates these positive qualities.

He Wants to Be Involved With Your Family

Sure, being the new guy at someone else’s family event can be a little nerve wracking. After all, no one likes to eat dinner under the scrutinizing gaze of their date’s parents. Yet, your man sailed through his first family event with flying colors, and he even asked when you two can hang out with your parents again. A guy who wants to get to know your family is showing a genuine interest in what matters most to you, and you can bet that he also has a desire to build a happy family of his own some day.

He’s Kind to Strangers in Public

During your dates, watch to see how he interacts with the people that you come across. While a man may be willing to put on a show for a date to earn their favor, it is very telling if he is kind to people with no ulterior motive. For instance, a date who holds open the door for the stranger who walks in behind you is likely to just have a kind heart. However, a man who is rude to the server at dinner should leave you wondering exactly how he will act once he feels comfortable enough with you to drop the act.

He Has Goals For the Future

Charm and good looks will get a guy only so far, and you may start to lose your interest in a guy if he’s always scrounging for cash or lounging around the house playing video games when you are heading off to work. During your dates, ask questions to find out what his plans are for the future. Ideally, his goals should align with yours and reflect his desire for self-improvement. For instance, hearing that he is currently saving up to buy a house means that he is willing to work hard and save money so that he can enjoy a comfortable future.

He Involves You in Planning Dates

A real man knows that he doesn’t have to have control all the time, and asking you for input on date planning shows that he values your opinion. As you work together to plan your next date, you also get insight into how you will make decisions together in the future if you decide to live together. For instance, truly listening to your suggestions means that he has strong communication skills that will help you through both good times and bad.

He’s Not Afraid to Show Affection

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to showing affection, and there is nothing worse than discovering that your partner gives you the cold shoulder when you are in need of some cuddles. While your ideal man may not need to be clingy, he should also feel comfortable enough to give you a hug when you are feeling down. You should also feel that little zing of excitement that rushes through your heart when he leans in for a kiss. If not, then don’t despair, since many good men start out shy and warm up later. He may also show affection in other ways, such as showing up with your favorite kind of coffee when he knows you are having a bad day.

Finding a keeper is always exciting, and you naturally can’t wait to see where your relationship will go. However, it is also important to remember that every relationship has its challenges, and even the best man for you won’t always be perfect. Whether you encounter your first fight together or just need to overcome your fear of commitment, let our counselors help you make it through these challenges so that you can make your relationship get stronger.


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