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Imagining your life without your partner fills you with a wide range of emotions: on one hand, you look forward to the freedom that leaving your relationship would mean; and on the other hand, you may also worry about whether you would truly enjoy living the single life. Since it is impossible to predict the future, it is best to take an honest look at your current relationship to figure out why you are thinking about leaving your partner and if the relationship can be fixed.

Know How to Deal With an Abusive Relationship
An abusive relationship generates deep pain and sadness. Whether you are dealing with emotional, physical or sexual abuse, you should expect to be happier once you get out of the abusive situation. While leaving this type of relationship is stressful, you can rely on the help of online counselors and your trusted loved ones to rebuild your life after dealing with abuse. In some instances, your partner might even be willing to end the abuse through counseling such as learning how to communicate effectively instead of resorting to abusive yelling.

Figure Out Why You Are Unhappy Now
Unhappiness can creep into a relationship so slowly that you might not even recognize the underlying cause. It is also possible that you are masking the real reason for your unhappiness by blaming it on your relationship. Explore the things that have changed in your life recently. For instance, your partner may be working longer hours and you feel neglected. These types of temporary situations can often be remedied by talking it over with your partner. However, you might be happier alone if you find that your partner’s goals no longer align with yours.

Consider How Your Lifestyle Will Change
The changes that you can expect after leaving your partner depend upon a variety of factors. For instance, if you were dependent upon their income, you may find you have to move to a smaller apartment or to an unsavory neighborhood. Alternatively, you may have more money if financial infidelity is currently a problem in your relationship. Spend a little time thinking about what it will feel like to sleep alone or deal with a major challenge without your partner’s input. Picturing how life will actually be without your partner can help you understand how you will feel if you do decide to end the relationship.

Ask Them to Go to Couples Counseling
The majority of relationship problems are possible to work through when you and your partner are both committed to healing the things that are wrong in your relationship. Today, finding counselors online makes it possible to work on your relationship when it is more convenient, which is ideal if you and your partner work opposite hours. Learning how to communicate your needs and listen better to your partner’s needs can increase your overall happiness together.

Find Your True Inner Happiness
Whether your partner is willing to go to counseling or not, it is important to seek new ways to discover what truly makes you happy. For instance, you may feel stagnant in your relationship and need to take steps to grow as an individual. Making changes such as obtaining a different job or starting a new activity might also revitalize your relationship by igniting interest from your partner. Alternatively, you may need to reassess what you are looking for in a partner and decide if your current relationship fits those desires. Making the effort to find out what truly drives your happiness is worth it regardless of whether you choose to stay or go.

Relationships have an impact upon your happiness, yet it is also important to remember that you have the power to decide if you will keep a positive mindset. Talking to your partner and seeking help with your relationship issues is the best way to uncover the real reason for your current state of unhappiness so that you can work on building a happier future.


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