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Everyone goes into a new relationship with high hopes, especially if they sense that this could be the relationship that will last forever. Unfortunately, many couples find that it is harder to make a relationship work than they thought. The American Psychological Association states that between 40 and 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. This means that almost every couple is at risk for experiencing a challenge that feels insurmountable. Couples therapy is designed to help you and your partner manage these challenges so that you can best the statistics. While you may know what happens during therapy, you should also be aware of what can happen once you have finished your sessions.

Your Odds of Staying Together Go Up

When the average marriage has such a small chance of lasting, it is easy to get frustrated. However, couples therapy makes a significant difference in your odds of still being together years into the future. The Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy reports that 70 percent of couples reported that they still maintained their healthier relationship two years after ending therapy. This is because the lessons that you learn in relationship counseling continue to help you navigate through life’s challenges.

Growth Continues In Your Relationship

Couples therapy is not some type of magical formula that erases all of your problems. Instead, our relationship experts at Cuppls give you the tools that you need to continue to grow as a couple. From learning how to acknowledge each other’s feelings to figuring out what drives your passion for each other, you will leave your sessions with a new understanding of both yourself and your partner. Over time, you will notice that you continue to make strides in your personal growth that enhances your partnership.

Communication Becomes More Effective

Learning how to communicate is a skill that takes time to perfect. Your therapist will help you learn how to communicate more effectively, and much of the time will be spent helping you correct bad communication habits that you have learned over the years. As you begin to be able to talk to your partner, your sessions will become more effective until you two are ready to try things out on your own. Learning to communicate without the help of your relationship counselor takes time, but you will notice improvements over the next several months that let you know that your counseling sessions were effective.

It’s Easier to Address New Issues

In the past, the thought of having to discuss a serious topic, such as your finances, might have once caused you to brace yourself for an argument. However, couples tend to find that it is easier to handle life’s challenges once the therapy sessions are over. Whether you need to decide upon a new residence or handle a parenting conflict, your sessions will have taught you that these types of challenges are really just a chance to grow together. You also know that you now have the communication strategies in place to be able to discuss these issues as rational, loving partners.

You’ll be More Willing to Seek Help

At times, couples encounter challenges after their therapy is over that they cannot resolve on their own. For instance, infidelity could still occur or one of you may struggle with an addiction. While these types of problems might have destroyed your relationship in the past, you now find it easy to reach out to one of our Cuppls experts for help. Since much of the groundwork has already been laid in your prior sessions, future relationship therapy often tends to give results faster so that you can move forward.

The day that you complete relationship therapy does not represent an ending. Instead, it represents a new beginning as your relationship continues to grow stronger. Whether this is your first time entering therapy or you need to tackle a new challenge, talking with one of our counselors is the right first step toward making your partnership last.


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