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There are many reasons why you might get into a fight with your significant other. Altercations and tension between you and your partner cause problems that can wind up affecting trust and patience for one another. On average, couples argue about 2500 times per year! Don’t let this scare you away; we’re here to help explain the top five reasons for disputes between couples. Check them out below:


Whether it is a difference in sex drives or unfair expectations, intimacy issues can ultimately break a relationship. Seek online couples therapy from experts in the field who can help you overcome things like infidelity or simply rekindling that spark.


Fights over finances, like how to spend money and whether or not to combine incomes, can place a real strain on relationships. Make sure to be honest with your significant other about how much debt you’re bringing to the relationship and your spending and budgeting habits.  Communication and being truthful are crucial, as money is usually the topic most argued about.


Most couples do not see eye-to-eye on parenting techniques, and this is often due to how they were raised themselves. For example, do you think spanking your children is okay or absolutely off limits?  Being a parent yourself might be the hardest job you have, and raising children with your partner can sometimes be just as hard. Find out what your core values are and what you’re willing to compromise on.


When should we invite them over? And how often should we visit them? Fights relating to in-laws aren’t a joke, and are even more common than you might have thought. Did you know that in-laws cause arguments in 60% of marriages? Get to know each other’s families and speak up, politely, if you’re not on the same page.


After a long day at work, it’s not surprising that couples fight over the household chores. Let’s be honest, no one enjoys taking out the smelly garbage or cleaning the dirty bathroom, but these things have to be done. Try to divide the work up as fairly as possible, and show appreciation for the work each other does, even on the smallest of things!

At Cuppls, we know that relationships need time and effort in order to run smoothly.  Even still, fights and disagreements do happen. Whether you and your significant other are arguing over what’s best for your children, or whose turn it is to fold the laundry, we can support you. Contact us and get some expert advice today!


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