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There are times when relationships feel more like an emotional rollercoaster than a steady romance. Even the happiest of couples can forget that loving someone also means dealing with a few challenges. At times, you may even encounter struggles in your relationship that make you question whether or not you should stay together. Or maybe you have already agreed to a breakup, but now you’re having second thoughts. To avoid making a mistake, look for these signs that you still love your partner so that you can take action before it is too late to save your relationship.

You Worry About How They Are Doing

Sometimes, couples break up before they are fully through with their relationship. This often occurs when there is broken trust in a relationship, often stemming from some infidelity. For instance, you may have decided to leave your partner if you believed that they were having an affair, but now you wonder if you made the right choice. When you worry about how the breakup is affecting your partner, it is possible that you still feel a serious connection to their heart.

You Seek Their Advice

When you were together, you relied on your partner’s advice. Now that you are separated, you might still wonder what they would say to do in certain situations. For instance, you may want to pick up the phone to call and ask how to handle a situation at work, or you may wish that they could help you through the sadness of ending the relationship. When you still admire someone’s ability to make sound decisions, you still have one of the foundational building blocks for working through your problems together.

You Reminisce On Happier Times

When relationships go sour, it is common for one or both partners to start spending their time with other people in an effort to feel better. While neither of you would outright cheat, it is possible that one of you fell into an emotional affair that impacted the entire relationship. Yet, emotional affairs tend to end, and you may now be thinking about the times before everything fell apart with your spouse. Part of recovering from an emotional affair can involve the realization that you had everything you ever needed at home. Just thinking about the happy times that you spent with your partner is a sign that you might still have more to look forward to if you seek help now.

You Hope to Rekindle Your Passion

Approximately one out of ten couples report that they need help in their relationship because they no longer feel attracted to each other. Over time, many changes occur in people’s lives, and it is possible that you and your partner have forgotten about the many wonderful things about each other that used to stoke the sparks of attraction. Here at Cuppls, our relationship experts often encounter this issue with couples who have become so busy with their careers or raising a family that they no longer reach out to each other. Here’s the good news: the sense that you both are still passionate for each other is an undeniable sign that the love you need to make your relationship work is still alive.

Use Love as Momentum for Healing

Interestingly, approximately 22 percent of couples who go to counseling admit that they still love each other but that something is wrong. Fortunately, the first step toward fixing the problem is to seek advice on relationships issues from professional counselors who understand the up’s and down’s every couple encounters over time. During professional couple’s therapy sessions, you can deepen the love that you have for your partner and use it as an impetus for generating change. For instance, you may work with your partner to identify the positive things in your relationship that can help you overcome the challenges. Often, just making the commitment to work through your problems results in an even deeper level of love for each other than you ever imagined.

Sometimes, couples make the decision to end a relationship when they truly aren’t ready to walk away. When you feel that hesitation in your own heart, take it as a sign that your relationship might be worth giving a second chance. Then, talk to your partner about going to couples counseling together. While it will take work, it is possible that the spark of love you feel right now can be used to help you work through these problems.


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