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At some point in our lives, we all experience feelings of distress, sadness, and like we’ve hit rock bottom. Although these are typical emotions and thoughts, every once in a while a problem arises when these feelings are unexplained, which can be even more upsetting. Not knowing why you’re down can cause more anxiety, and the cycle continues. If you find yourself feeling like this, we’re here to give you some insight into one possible cause: an unhealthy personal life.  Read below for some tell-tale signs that your personal life needs help.

Too Much Technology  

Did you know some researchers are advocating for the addition of “smartphone addiction” to be considered as an actual diagnosis? We spend countless hours glued to screens and immersed in social media while neglecting actual, face-to-face interaction. Think about the fact that you’re probably reading this via smartphone or computer right now!


Do you find you and your partner seem to be butting heads more often than not? While talking about problems in your relationship can be hard, it is necessary to be on the same page and to communicate clearly your wants and needs.

Stuck Inside

Being a homebody is a nice quality to have, but if you find yourself rarely leaving the house, that is a bigger issue. Do you tend to cancel plans with friends, or not even make plans? Get outside, explore new places, and be spontaneous!

Neglecting Yourself 

Life gets busy and can be stressful but it’s important to put your mental and physical well-being first. Do you shower daily? Exercise regularly? Drink enough water? Get adequate sleep?  If you answered no to these questions, you should consider taking time to get your mind and body in better shape.

Keeping Secrets

Lying to family and friends is a major contributor to having an unhealthy personal life. Secrets can cause trust issues, and can break apart relationships. Problems involving infidelity (financially or cheating) boil down to a violation of trust; honesty is always the best policy.

If you found yourself relating to these signs, look no further. Cuppls was referenced by TGDaily.com for providing information on couples therapy. You deserve a healthy personal life and we can help. Read the entire article at:


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