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Couples often consider going to relationship therapy, but they put it off for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps you feel as though your relationship problems are too big to resolve, or you may feel like they are too small to require professional help. While every couple can benefit from talking to our relationship experts here at Cuppls, it helps to know exactly what types of problems a therapy session addresses. If you find yourself wondering if talking to a therapist is right for you, just ask yourself the following questions to find out whether or not any of these situations apply.

Have You Stopped Listening to Each Other?

Spend a few minutes thinking about those glorious days when you first met. Likely, you used to spend large amounts of time hanging on your partner’s every word. In fact, many of those first dates probably felt like interview sessions when you couldn’t wait to find out more about your partner’s personality. Sadly, couples sometimes stop listening to each other as time goes on. Learning how to tune into your partner allows you to discover what they are really trying to say.

Did One of You Have an Affair?

Infidelity is often viewed as an unforgivable relationship sin. Yet, you may find that you are staying with your partner out of the hope that things will get better, or your partner may be trying to cope with your extramarital affair. Speaking with a professional couples counselor is a great first step toward healing after infidelity rocks your relationship.

Are Finances a Constant Battle?

According to CNBC, a study conducted by SunTrust Bank revealed that 35 percent of people surveyed claimed that money was their biggest relationship conflict. When you entered your relationship, you and your partner brought separate beliefs regarding how to spend and save money. When money feels like a battle, it is time to bring your struggles to a neutral party who knows how to help you resolve this common conflict.

Do You Get Along With Each Other’s Families?

Sometimes, conflicts outside of your relationship affect your marriage. For instance, you may find attending family gatherings difficult since you don’t get along with the in-laws. Alternatively, your parents may not be able to see the same positive qualities that you see in your partner. When other people interfere with your relationship, talking out the issues with a counselor helps you continue to maintain your bond.

Are You Considering Getting Married?

Premarital counseling gives you and your partner a chance to explore potential issues that could arise in your marriage before you make the big commitment. Often, major topics such as how you will raise your children or combine your finances are overlooked until a therapist brings them up. A recent study by the Health Funding Organization found that couples who attended premarital counseling had a 30 percent higher success rate in marriage than couples who decided to skip it. This is because those common marriage problems get worked out so that you can enjoy more of your first year as a married couple.

Did a Life Change Generate a Role Conflict?

It is also common for a relationship to be going well until some type of situation occurs that changes everything. Couples see this most often when they welcome a child to the family, but you may also experience a relationship conflict when you switch careers or experience a loss. Even moving to a new home can cause conflicts in your relationship that need to be resolved through therapy.

You should also know that your relationship can benefit from therapy even when everything seems to be going right. This is because couples can also learn how to communicate better, and it is possible that your partner may not be fully satisfied with how things are going. As you consider the potential benefits of going to relationship therapy, remember that placing the emphasis on growing together as a couple always improves your partnership.


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