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Now that you’ve found that perfect someone, you can’t help but get excited about the thought of waking up to their good morning kisses every day. While moving in together offers many benefits such as shared expenses and more time to spend with your favorite person in the world, it also adds additional pressure to your relationship. For this reason, our relationship experts recommend asking yourself these questions as part of these experts’ new relationship tips that will help you decide if it’s the right time to take this big step.

How Long Have You Been Dating?

Those early days of a new relationship are so full of excitement and bliss that it’s hard to keep a clear head. While there is no set time limit for when you should move in, it is generally best if you have been together long enough to have an idea of what really makes your partner tick. For most couples, six months to a year of dating provides enough time to get to know each other’s personalities and have had enough experiences where they’ve had to tackle a few challenges together. Keep in mind, however, that some couples do well moving in together sooner or waiting longer, so it is not wise to use time as the only factor in your decision.

How Do You Handle Disagreements?

Although you two may be a perfect match, disagreements are bound to happen once you share a household. Spend some time thinking about how you have handled conflicts in the past. Did yelling or insults occur? If so, you still might be fine living together, but you will need to learn about healthy relationship communication to help you peacefully resolve conflicts.

Have You Discussed The Boring Stuff?

When visions of late night snuggles and early morning breakfasts together are clouding your head, it’s a bit of a downer to talk about laundry. However, finances and housekeeping responsibilities are a major conflict in many relationships. Seek advice online to help you hold a discussion on who will be responsible for each aspect of running your household. Knowing that these things can be settled will give you more confidence about living together.

Do You Trust Your Partner?

Living apart gives you more independence since you do not always know where your partner is going. It is important to avoid making each other feel stifled by jealousy once you live together. Cheating in relationships is actually more common when one person feels like the other one is trying to control their behavior. For this reason, you should talk about your expectations for boys’ and girls’ nights out along with how you both feel about each other maintaining platonic friendships with the opposite sex.

Do You Share the Same Goals For the Future?

It is important to make sure you both share the same reasons for living together. For some couples, living together means a step toward marriage while others simply prefer the financial savings. Make sure that you and your partner are both working toward the same goals so that neither one feels hurt to discover that there are different expectations regarding your commitment.

Moving in together is a big step that represents a new chapter in your relationship. Remember that Cuppls always makes it clear that the best dating advice is to follow your heart but keep a clear head. By openly communicating with your partner about your expectations for sharing responsibilities, you can be certain about your decision to live together as you get ready for moving day.


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