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At first, living the single life was great. You’ve met many wonderful people and had terrific, memorable experiences that you know you would have never enjoyed if you had married young. Yet, you now find yourself wondering why you still haven’t met that perfect someone, especially now that the majority of people you know have finally said their I do’s. Maybe you are feeling the pressure from well-meaning parents who keep trying to set you up, or you just want to know what it’s like to have someone to come home to. The truth is, getting down to the reasons why you can’t seem to settle down is with online dating advice that helps you figure out if you were naturally born with a wandering spirit or somehow taught to fear commitment.

Recognizing the Thrill of the Chase

Starting a relationship is exciting. You can’t stop thinking about the other person and crave those moments when you just can’t seem to get enough. However, you tend to find that things start to fizzle once that initial glow of romance wears off. Being addicted to that heady feeling that comes with feeling like you have finally scored your perfect match often leads to your chasing someone new to keep the excitement alive. Now that you’re ready to stop leaving a steady flow of broken hearts in your wake, you will need to talk to a relationship expert who can help you learn how to enjoy the deeper parts of building a relationship.

Addressing Fears of Heartbreak

As a young child, you might have watched as your parents battled through a bitter divorce. Or, your first true love left you for someone else. Whatever happened, you swore that you would never put yourself in a position where you could be hurt again. Relationship tips for men often focus on the fear of commitment that stems from an early life experience that must be addressed. Learning to open yourself up to another person takes time, but the effort is worth it when you find someone to trust.

Learning to Love The Whole Person

Getting involved with another person means discovering the imperfections. Once you are past the picture perfect dating stage, it is common to start noticing flaws. While you should always take an exit when there are serious red flags such as abuse, it is sometimes necessary to accept your partner’s little quirks. Nitpicking is a behavior that you may have been born with or learned from watching the adults in your life as a kid. However, you can work with our relationship experts to define your boundaries of acceptable behavior. That way, you can learn to settle down with someone, even if they sometimes do irritating things like dropping their wet towels on the floor.

Discovering Communication Skills That Save Your Relationship

It might take some serious soul searching to get to the true cause of why you can’t settle down. If you find that your relationships often end in fights, then it is possible that you still have some work to do regarding your communication skills. Online dating help can give you a neutral perspective concerning how you handle conflicts. You can even use professional advice to work through an issue with a partner that you could see yourself settling down with in the future.

Finding Out How to Grow Together

When you find that you are always thinking that the timing just isn’t right, it is possible that you are simply not dedicated enough to your partner to try to make it work. For instance, your last breakup might have happened when your partner started a new job that had hours opposite from yours, or you might have refused to make a commitment that required a long distance move. Changes happen throughout life, and learning how to use these moments as opportunities to grow your relationship will help you go the distance with that special someone.

There are many reasons why people struggle with settling down, but getting to the heart of your commitment issues is important for helping you to find true love. Reach out to our relationship experts here at Cuppls today, and you can start learning how to nurture those traits that will make your next partnership grow and last.


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