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You have worked hard to get where you are at and you are proud to work in a field that fulfills your passion. However, you keep getting the sneaky suspicion that your last several dates were all more than just a little bit intimidated by your career goals. While the world has come a long way toward respecting women in the workplace, there are still a people with old-fashioned mindsets. However, it may take a little self-reflection to figure out if that’s what is really going on or if something else might be hindering your romantic life.

Review Your Past Date Conversations
Spend a few minutes rehashing your past few dates with a neutral friend or counselor. Is it possible that you spent the whole time talking about your career? Did you completely ignore that they were trying to talk about their interests? While it is great to be passionate, you also want to avoid putting your dates off by spending the whole time talking about yourself. If you think you might have been monopolizing the conversations, then try asking your next date more questions that lets them reveal what makes them so amazing.

Consider Rounding Out Your Interests
Having strong career goals sometimes means that you have to sacrifice other things such as your free time. However, too much talk about work may make you come across as single-dimensional. Look into cultivating a few hobbies that might even align with your career goals such as volunteering on your weekend off. This gives you something else to talk about, and it shows future partners that you are capable of venturing beyond your field of expertise. This strategy can also serve double duty by putting you in touch with potential partners who share the same career-focused mindset.

Expect a Partner Who Supports Your Goals
The truth is that you might be right and you keep coming across men who view your career as a threat. Perhaps they prefer being the one with all of the earning power or they feel as though they just don’t stack up compared to your accomplishments. While this may sting, you don’t want to be with anyone whose beliefs don’t align with yours. With these types, it’s better to cut your losses and move on. You will eventually meet someone who not only admires your dedication to work but is willing to support your career goals.

Cast a Wider Net
If you keep running into men who lack the ability to date strong women, then it is time to reassess where you are looking for potential dates. For instance, trying to date men at the local happy hour spot might not be giving you a large enough dating pool. Try setting up a dating profile on an app that is geared for career-minded people. This way, you can put your career goals out there from the beginning so that only men who are comfortable with your success ask you out for dates.

Create Time For Romance
Ambition is wonderful for getting ahead, but it can also cause you to lose sight of other parts of your life. If you are dating, then make sure to carve out time to spend with that special someone once you make a connection. After all, it might not be that the men are intimidated, but rather they tend to get bored waiting around for you to go out with them. While you might not have as much time as other women for dating, your partner will be thrilled if you can at least meet in the evenings for a drink or dinner to keep the romance going.

Sadly, some men do find a woman with serious career aspirations to be a threat. However, this may not really be what is going on. To get to the heart of the matter, reach out to our relationship experts who can help you analyze your current situation to turn your love life around.


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