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Couples often encounter a sense of stagnation shortly after entering relationship therapy that causes them to question if the therapy is working. While this can stem from the fact that you and your partner are finally addressing major issues, a lack of perspective can also contribute to the fear that things will never get better. According to research done by marriage expert John Gottman, most couples wait at least six years before seeking help for their relationship problems. Yet, everyone wants an instant solution to heal their partnership. The truth is that it takes time to unwind all of the damage that occurs over the years so that you can relearn how to make things work again. As you enter relationship therapy, remember that the answers may not present themselves right away. Instead, you should see the following signs that progress is being made in your sessions over time.

Opening Up Is Easier Now

The first relationship therapy session sometimes feels like an awkward interview since it can feel weird to tell a stranger the dark secrets of your relationship. However, we can assure you that because our relationship experts at Cuppls have heard it before, they will treat your issues with sensitivity. Once you have a few sessions under your belt, your relationship therapist feels more like a trusted friend, and opening up is no longer a challenge now that you know that honesty helps your partnership heal.

Arguments Are Becoming Conversations

In the past, you and your partner could argue about everything from how to spend your money to what to eat for dinner. Now, you both find yourselves taking a step back and altering your communication patterns when things get heated. In fact, you have found that you actually enjoy these conversations, even when they have to do with difficult topics.

Past Problems Have Greater Clarity

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy found that over 97 percent of couples claimed that they found the help they needed through counseling sessions. One way that these couples knew they were doing better was being able to look back at how the issues that brought them to counseling were resolved. After several sessions of couples therapy, you should be able to look back and realize that you have a greater understanding of what brought you to our experts at Cuppls in the first place.

Physical Touches Happen More Often

Your partner may not tell you in so many words that they love how the sessions are working. Yet, you have noticed lately that they reach for your hand more often or kiss you hello when you arrive home from work. You’ve found that your physical connection helps to reinforce your bond, and they even mirror your body language when you have serious conversations.

Couple Time is Enjoyable Again

You’ve rekindled a few of your early passions as a couple, and even make time for special date nights. Whether you snuggle on the couch for a movie marathon or have taken up ballroom dancing, you can’t wait to have time together where you can enjoy a favorite activity. It’s also been fun to share in each other’s interests, and you both are constantly surprised to discover new things to love that were once covered up by all that animosity.

You See Improvements in Other Relationships

One of the best things about relationship therapy is that you learn techniques such as how to resolve conflicts that carry over into other aspects of your lives. Your increased happiness also spills over into your extended family and working relationships. People who know you and your partner say that you seem happier and freer than you have in years. You might find that minor conflicts with other people tend to just roll off your back when they once would have caused you angst.

Relationship therapy is not an instant answer to all of your problems, but the rewards begin during the first session when you and your partner make it clear that you value your bond. Through performing regular check-ins to see how far you have come, you can gain joy from knowing that the advice you receive from our experts at Cuppls truly is working.


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