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When two people love each other, it is worth all the effort to repair a broken relationship. While many people think of cheating as the worst thing that can happen, there are other situations that can leave you wondering if you will ever be able to trust your partner again. Financial infidelity, lying about minor issues, and verbal abuse can all slowly erode the bonds of trust that are sacred in healthy relationships. At Cuppls, we always suggest relationship counseling for couples that will help you work through the following strategies for rebuilding trust with your partner.

Come Completely Clean

One of the best relationship communication tips our relationship experts give is to always speak to each other with complete honesty. When this hasn’t been happening in your relationship, you may have to backtrack and get all of your issues out in the open. While it may be painful to talk about your partner’s cheating in marriage, it is necessary to be truthful about any lies that were told so that you can both move forward on a clean slate.

Seek Help for Abusive Behavior

There are many types of abuse in relationships that should never be accepted, yet they can often be so subtle that neither person fully realizes the damage that has been done until trust has been completely broken. Verbal abuse, such as name-calling and threats, is best handled by talking to professional couples therapists who can teach you and your partner healthy communication tips that eliminate abusive behavior. As you begin to speak to each other with kindness and empathy, trust will naturally reenter your relationship.

Stop Negative Behavior Patterns

Few things are harder than finally feeling like trust has been regained, only to have it shattered again. For example, recovering from an affair is infinitely harder the second time around. For this reason, the partner that has betrayed the trust in the relationship must fully commit to ending their negative behaviors. If necessary, seek professional help, such as financial counseling for couples, that will help correct trust-eroding behaviors like overspending or gambling.

Learn to Trust Yourself First

Once trust goes in a relationship, it is often replaced with anger and fear. For this reason, it is important to work on your individual issues. Looking for the signs of an affair every day and accusing your partner of straying when they haven’t is also a breach of trust, and it only feeds your fears. Cheating in relationships can devastate your self-confidence and leave you wondering if you can trust yourself to choose a faithful partner. Talking to relationship counselors online helps you learn how to regain the belief in yourself that you need before you can put your faith in your partner.

Allow Room For Progress

Jealousy and suspicions naturally arise after trust has been broken, and you can expect these emotions to occur sporadically as part of the healing process. Try not to fall for the sudden urge to search through your partner’s phone due to an unsubstantiated fear that they are cheating again, as this also erodes your partner’s trust in your ability to forgive. Instead, practice giving your partner the space they need to prove that they are trustworthy. Acknowledge when they come home on time after being out with their friends, or notice that they have stopped making unnecessary purchases. Every time you see your partner do something right is an opportunity to allow your trust to grow.

Regaining trust in a relationship may seem like an impossible feat at first. However, choosing to put the work into healing your relationship truly will allow you to find the love and compassion that made your partnership so special. As you work through your painful emotions and learn to overcome negative behavior patterns that have marred your relationship, remember that we are always here to provide you with professional support that will ease your transition to being able to trust your partner once again.


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