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The need for a family lawyer often arises in relationships, and having a reputable professional by your side will ensure that your personal matters are effectively resolved. Family lawyers handle many different issues ranging from prenuptial agreements to divorce, custody, abuse, and even grandparent’s rights. While lawyers must all pass a rigorous licensing process that involves a combination of education and professional experience, it is important to note that family lawyers are not all the same. As you begin your search to find a family lawyer, use these steps to narrow down your options to one that will work best for your specific case.

Determine Your Needs

Family law cases get complicated since situations such as a divorce will generate multiple needs. For example, you may need someone to handle your divorce filing while also representing your preferences for custody and support. Divorces that involve domestic violence may also require a lawyer who is willing to handle the majority of the communication during the process and file a restraining order if necessary. In simple cases, such as a divorce with no children or shared assets, you may want to handle the paperwork yourself and simply need a minimum of legal advice. Spend a few minutes assessing your specific family law needs along with the legal style you prefer before you begin your search.

Identify the Venue

Typically, the courts in the county in which both parties reside handle family law cases. For this reason, you will likely need a lawyer who practices in your community. This will cut down on traveling fees and make it easier to meet with your lawyer in person. If you and the other party live separately, then you can expect the case to be handled in the county that the person filing the claim lives in. However, this can vary, which makes it an important question to ask prospective lawyers.

Narrow Down Your Search

When people know that you are dealing with a family issue such as divorce, it can seem as if the well-meaning advice never ends. While your sister or best friend may have had luck with their lawyer, it is important to know that every case requires a different strategy. Choosing to find a lawyer online will give you the opportunity to peruse their website and read testimonials from others that have used their services. This method helps narrow down the search by giving you instant access to the information you need so that you have more time to think about your decision. And also consider the family law attorney who Cuppls can recommend.

Gather Important Information

Having the information a prospective lawyer needs about your case will help them provide you with qualified guidance from the very beginning. Before contacting a potential lawyer for a consultation, gather documents that pertain to your case such as your marriage license and previous divorce, birth, and adoption records. Financial information such as your tax returns, income statements, and a list of your shared assets may also be pertinent. If you have a previous family law case that addressed child support, custody, and visitation, then it is important to share any current arrangements that are in place as you speak with a prospective lawyer.

Interview Potential Attorneys

In addition to telling potential lawyers about your current family circumstances, you will also want to ask questions to find out more about their background. Ideally, the lawyer you choose will have experience handling cases that are similar to yours with a track record of providing their clients with successful outcomes. To start, ask about their credentials, such as where they attended law school and whether or not they are affiliated with legal organizations. It is also important to talk about their personal methods for handling cases. For example, you may prefer a lawyer who focuses on mediation if you and your partner are on relatively good terms, or you may need one with a strong hand if you tend to be passive in stressful situations.


After interviewing a few potential lawyers, you will be ready to make your decision. Remember that we here at Cuppls understand that family situations can be stressful, so we have made it easy for you to find a qualified family law attorney. By taking the time to carefully weigh all of your available options, you will find a successful resolution to your family law matters by having a competent lawyer that fits your unique needs.


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