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Figuring out how to catch a cheating spouse is hard when your partner is adept at covering their tracks. While you are certain that they have to be making slip ups, it is virtually impossible to find proof of their affair. Over time, it is common for a cheating spouse to become even better at covering up their infidelity. Since playing the waiting game is just too painful, recruiting the help of a private investigator can provide you with a faster route to getting the truth. As you weigh your options, ask yourself these questions to determine if an infidelity investigation will give you the answers you need to heal.

Why Do You Think They Are Cheating?

Many people describe having a gut instinct that something was wrong long before they ever recognized the signs of an affair. Perhaps you just felt strange about that sudden lilt in your husband’s voice when he said he had to work late. Or, your wife’s new interest in her appearance leaves you unsettled. Note both the emotional and physical cues that you have picked up on in the past few weeks or months. Everything from that stray earring in your car to those odd phone calls your partner takes in the other room is all important information that can be used in infidelity investigations.

Are You Prepared to Share Your Betrayal?

Although you have no reason to be ashamed, it is common for a person to feel humiliated and hurt by their need to try to catch a cheating husband or wife. Yet, you should keep in mind that private investigators have seen and heard it all. They know that infidelity can cause both emotional and physical harm, and an investigator views providing people with peace of mind as an important part of their job. Confidentiality is also a huge part of every investigation, so have no worries about being exposed. Professional investigators never reveal the identity of their clients, and they take special precautions to avoid detection during their operations.

What Do You Want From a Private Investigator?

Private investigators use a variety of methods to catch a cheater in the act. Physical surveillance during which they observe your partner’s movements through the day is one way to find out what they are really doing. They can also search records to find out information about the people with whom they catch your partner coming into contact with during times of suspicious activity. As you talk to your private investigator online, discuss how much information you want to confirm the affair. While some people want every last detail, others only want to know the investigator’s opinion. Making sure you are on the same page will prevent you from hearing more than you want to know.

How Will You Handle The Findings?

During the investigation, your private investigator may meet with you periodically if they need your consent to move forward. Or, they may find enough proof on the first day to give you the answers you want. Either way, they will provide you with the findings in a confidential meeting that treats the situation with sensitivity. Once the briefing is over, you will need to have a plan. Keep in mind that finding out your partner is faithful may still require action since the lack of trust in your relationship may mark deeper issues that may need to be worked out in couples therapy.

Will You Need Proof of the Affair?

Looking at a photograph or video of your partner fully engaged in the affair may be painful, but it might also be necessary if you plan to get a divorce. Proving fault in the divorce can require physical evidence of an affair that is best obtained through the assistance of a private investigator. While it may be hard to look at the evidence, seeing solid proof also helps you with recovering from an affair.


That gut-wrenching hunch that your partner is cheating may have led you to ask them questions to which they replied with denial. With proof from a private investigator, you can hold the keys to the truth. As you proceed with sorting the lies from the facts, remember that our relationship experts at Cuppls are ready to help you rebuild a life that is based upon trust.


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