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A romantic partner is the one person in your life that you should be able to trust, and noticing the signs of an affair shatters your belief in the relationship. Affairs can happen for a variety of reasons, yet they tend to follow the same course. At some point, your partner’s behavior becomes suspicious enough that you know it is essential to hire a private investigator if you are ever going to know the truth. Due to the private nature of your relationship issue, it may not be possible to ask a friend or family member for a referral. For this reason, you will need to take these steps to hire the perfect private investigator to help you heal from possible infidelity in your relationship.

Identify Suspicious Behavior

When your mind is reeling from the possibility of an unfaithful partner, it is easy to forget some of the signs of an affair that you have already witnessed. Spend a few minutes jotting down things that you have noticed, even if they seem to be irrelevant. For example, your partner may have recently extended a business trip by an extra day, or they may have started locking their phone when it was once completely available for you to use. These are the types of information that help private investigators know where to begin with their investigation to catch a cheating husband.

Locate Potential Private Investigators

Finding a private investigator used to be a challenge for people who lived in communities where confidentiality was an issue. However, you can now choose to find a private investigator online who can begin to investigate your partner’s behavior while protecting your privacy. Beginning your search online also gives you the advantage of exploring more options while using features such as their website or testimonials to determine whether their approach will work with your personality and belief system.

Assess Their Experience and Approach

Private investigators begin their practice out of a desire to help people by bringing the truth out about situations. Yet, there are a variety of methods by which a private investigator may gain experience in learning how to catch a cheating spouse by conducting ethical and effective investigations. Client confidentiality is one area in which you want to be sure your private investigator will protect. It is also important for your investigator to be willing to provide evidence that can be used to prove the affair should you decide to confront your partner or need to go to court. As you get to know a prospective private investigator, make sure that you feel a rapport with them that will make it easier if they have to deliver difficult news. A good place to start looking for a private investigator is right here at Cuppls, as we can recommend excellent, experienced professionals in your area.

Provide Pertinent Information

Infidelity investigations always go better when a private investigator is provided with helpful information about the unfaithful spouse. For example, they may ask for your partner’s work schedule and a calendar of any upcoming business meetings or company trips. They may ask where they spend their time outside of work such as the name of their gym or their best friend’s address. If you suspect that your partner is somewhere else during these times, let your private investigator know so that they can begin to hunt for the truth.

Create a Plan For Healing

Cheating in relationships always leads to hurt feelings since the truth will eventually come out. Be prepared for hearing the worst by having a plan in place before you meet to hear your private investigator’s findings. At Cuppls, we have a variety of relationship experts that can help you deal with things that happen after an affair, such as overcoming commitment issues in your future relationships. If you choose to work through the affair, then online couples therapy offers a flexible option for beginning to heal together.


We know how painful it is to deal with suspicions of infidelity, but you have already taken the first step toward healing by seeking the advice of a private investigator who can get down to the truth. As you work with your investigator, remember that recovering from an affair takes time, but you will come out ahead by dealing with them head on with the support of people you can trust.


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