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At first glance, those smiling celebrity faces could leave you thinking that all is rosy in their gilded world. Yet, as soon as they leave the red carpet, famous couples face many of the same challenges as the rest of us. Many of the couples that you see on television and the movie screen today must juggle responsibilities such as a family combined with the added pressure of maintaining high-profile careers. So it’s not surprising that  celebrity gossip columns are filled with stories about rampant infidelity and addictions that wreak havoc on even what appeared to be the strongest relationships. Interestingly, there are several celebrity couples who are advocates for the benefits of relationship therapy, and you can learn a lot from hearing their stories.

Challenges Faced by High-Profile Couples

While fame, money and charmingly good looks all seem to be enough to make anyone happy, it’s easy to forget that celebrities still face struggles. Although it sounds exotic to be shooting a movie overseas, this often means leaving a spouse and kids behind while working long hours far away. Alternatively, a celebrity may be forced to deal with jealousy as the latest news stories link their spouse to a gorgeous co-star. Every celebrity also has a backstory, and anyone who has been cheated on or abused in the past can easily bring these issues to a new relationship. According to a study by Azim and Benson, celebrities have over a 50 percent divorce rate over a 14-year period, which is more than the average couple today.

Who’s Who in Celebrity Relationship Therapy

So, who’s in relationship therapy you ask? Surprisingly, many celebrities are not shy about discussing their choice to go to couples counseling because they hope that it inspires others to reap the benefits. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are two people who are straightforward about their decision to attend counseling because they are literal proof that opposites attract. Learning to embrace their differences helps them avoid becoming part of the 13 percent of all couples who deal with serious contempt in their marriage.

How Counselors Help Famous People

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard may have a clear reason for going to therapy, but other celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka say that it’s just nice to have a mediator help them resolve conflicts. Since marriage counselors are bound by ethical codes, famous people know that they have a trusted source to go to with problems that will protect their confidentiality. Some celebrities choose to go to counseling before problems start. Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin chose to begin their marriage right with premarital counseling. They learned to treat their relationship with the same care as they would any other lifetime commitment by learning as much as they could about each other before they tied the knot. Considering all that’s at stake in a celebrity marriage, this viewpoint just makes great sense.

Benefits of Attending Counseling for Everyone

While you might not have to worry about your partner kissing a gorgeous co-star on-screen or deal with a celebrity scandal, the truth is that many issues faced by famous people are the same that you deal with every day. Sure, it sounds silly to think that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell could possibly fight over mundane things such as who does everything around the house, but you can bet that these issues and more come up in relationship therapy. Since couples counseling is designed to teach relationship tools such as how to manage conflict and communicate better, anyone can benefit from attending a few sessions.

Whether you are a high-profile couple or just want to have that glowing look in your eye when you look at your real-life co-star, remember that our relationship experts know how to help you and your partner overcome life’s challenges. Take a cue from the celebrities, and make love a priority by arranging for counseling that helps you stay connected.


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