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Long distance relationships are becoming more common these days. Whether you met your partner online or they had to suddenly move for work or school, you are certain to find that a little or a lot of time apart really does make the heart grow fonder. However, there are also likely to be a few road bumps that can make or break your relationship. As you begin your long distance relationship journey, make sure to know these strategies for making it work.

Understand the Benefits of Distance for Relationships

It always helps to focus on the positive, and remembering the benefits of having a long distance relationship helps you shift your focus back around when you get down in the dumps. Living apart does make those moments that you get together that much sweeter. It also allows you both the time and space you need to explore your personal interests. This is especially important when you are going to college or just trying to focus on building your career.

Identify the Potential Challenges

There are obvious pitfalls when it comes to long distance relationships. For instance, you must face the possibility that your partner most likely cannot physically be there to give you support during every stressful situation. Trying to deal with a sick family member or a major problem at work by yourself is overwhelming. Planning for these types of issues, such as keeping emergency funds set aside for traveling to each other during a crisis, is important for making it work.

Establish Your Boundaries

Couples who live apart sometimes run into issues with infidelity, since loneliness makes it harder to overcome temptation and the signs of cheating are harder to notice. Talk to your partner about what types of behavior are acceptable. For instance, you will want to decide between the two of you if it’s okay for your partner to go out alone with platonic friends of the opposite sex. This way, neither of you is taken by surprise by what happens when you are not together.

Make Your Time Together Meaningful

When you are together, it is tempting to try to pack every moment with excitement. While a romantic night out definitely keeps the spark lit, our relationship experts also recommend making it a point to just hang out. Whether you cook a meal together at home or snuggle as you watch a movie, these are often the times when meaningful moments are shared between couples. You will also want to try to balance doing things that you love while also participating in your partner’s interests. Sharing your favorite things with each other helps you both learn what makes the other person happy.

Find Ways to Stay Connected When You Are Apart

The disconnection felt by couples that don’t see each other regularly can lead to discontentment. Fortunately, technology makes it easier to stay connected since you can video chat or send a quick text to let your partner know that you care. It is also fun to send care packages for special occasions. Finding ways to make memories together despite the miles between you makes the relationship stay strong.

Prepare For Being Together In the Future

In most cases of long distance relationships, the time apart is only temporary. This means that you will eventually get the chance to be together again. Naturally, the thought of being able to see your partner anytime you want is enough to make you jump with joy. However, this is where the problems sometimes start. After living apart for so long, it is important to expect an adjustment period where you have to learn to live with each other’s quirks. Knowing that there will be a few bumps during this time helps you prepare by seeking advice from a couple’s counselor before it harms your relationship.

Whether your partner lives overseas or just in the next state, long distance relationships definitely have their share of high’s and low’s. Make sure that your relationship goes the distance by knowing how to promote positive interactions no matter where you or your partner may live.


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