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Social media adds a new dimension to getting over a relationship. On one hand, it can be comforting to see that your ex is doing fine. Yet, it can also be painful to watch them start a new life without you in it. After all, there is nothing quite like viewing a photo feeds of your ex surrounded by potential new dates while you are still drowning in heartbreak. Relationship experts always encourage you to follow your heart, so the answer to whether or not you should delete your ex is a very personal decision. Before you log on to your social media accounts, ask yourself these questions to figure out what is best.

Did Your Relationship End On Good Terms?

There are some times when it is best to abstain from any type of contact with your ex. For example, abuse in relationships comes with negative patterns that are easy to fall back into when you communicate with someone who hasn’t sought help for their bad behavior. On the other hand, you may find that your ex is someone with the potential for building a friendship with in the future. In this case, keeping them on your social media list allows you time and space to explore changing your relationship.

Are You Still Connected Through Work Or Kids?

There are times when deleting your ex from social media may not be possible. This often occurs when you are colleagues who use social media for work purposes, or you may have kids together and enjoy seeing the family pictures. If you are interconnected with your ex online, then consider using privacy features to control the content they see, disable notifications on your mobile device, and avoid the temptation to check out their profile if you find yourself reading too much into their updates.

Is There a Possibility of Getting Back Together?

During a breakup or separation, one or both parties sometimes date other people. Watching as this happens can feel just as painful as cheating in relationships. You might find it hard to get the image of their kissing someone else out of your head if you see it on social media. In this situation, deleting your ex from your contacts can make it easier to transition back to being together again in the future.

Did The Breakup Stir Up Online Drama?

Healthy relationship tips often focus on reminding friends and family not to take sides after a breakup. However, this is not always the case online. In the aftermath of a relationship ending, you may find yourself dealing with thinly veiled insults on other people’s feeds even if your ex is amicable. Since dealing with drama interferes with your healing, temporarily deleting or blocking your ex may be necessary. If cyber bullying becomes a real problem, then reach out for online dating help from experts who can help you deal with painful emotions.

Is Either One Of You Struggling With Moving On?

Breakups are sometimes one-sided, and you may find that one of you just can’t let go. Social media provides the perfect wallowing ground for pining over someone that you can no longer have. When one or both of you just can’t face life apart, then deleting each other offers a clean break that forces you to find other things to fill your time.

It is important to create space after a breakup so that you and your ex can heal. Yet, social media generates interesting questions about whether it is possible to remain friends from a distance. If you do decide to delete your ex from social media, remember that it doesn’t necessarily  mean that it will be forever. The beauty of online communication is that you can always renew a relationship or find new ones that bring you happiness.


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