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We don’t mean to put you on the spot since that can be an uncomfortable place for an introvert to be. But we want you to get all of your misinterpreted signals received by those that may not entirely understand you.

Let this be a reminder, social interaction is a necessity for all humans, just like food and water. So to answer your question, yes you will have to talk. The good thing is it is not as painful as previous interactions that you have had unwillingly. You are an exceptional personality that needs to be discovered by those attention grabbing extroverts. Let’s get the conversation started on easing the process of opening up.

Had Me At Hello

The greeting is not as complicated as many of us introverts make it out to be. There is no need for a show. Hello has been one of the most underrated pick up lines in our short history. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Respect Yourself

It is always okay to be yourself. This is used in reference for you to do all the things that interest your personality. As you already know, introverts like cool stuff. Let another person into your world so they can appreciate the genius that you don’t like to reveal to everyone. Someone is giving you their undivided attention, use it to your advantage.

Score One For The Home Team

Make sure you choose a comfortable setting that you can let your guard down in. You do not have to take the drawn out traditional route of going to a club, trying to buy a drink, and start up meaningless conversation. This can range from the grocery store, to your favorite workout class, to a coffee shop, or your favorite mall to shop. Wherever you go to release stresses from the day. This will help you to flow with any conversation that comes up. Take a stand and make sure you have the home field advantage.

It’s All Mental

Avoid the small talk completely. When you are finally in that comfortable setting, you can dictate the direction and the topic of conversation. We must remember that others, especially extroverts, enjoy spilling information about themselves. So getting a person to talk about their personal ideas, views, or accomplishments is just what the doctor ordered. Who knows, there may be a commonality which you are further able to relate to.

Listen Up

One key method that helps introverts feel more comfortable when around a special someone is their unmatched ability to listen. Let this be your moment to shine. No one said you have to do most of the talking.


Yes introvert, you too can gain the benefits of a great dating life without compromising who you are. You understand the value of words and you won’t have to use many of them. Opening up starts with something as simple as hello. These tips will get you through the beginning, the rest is up to you.


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