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Is the saying “Nice guys always finish last” really true, and, if so, does it mean that you are doomed to a life of solitude just for caring about other people’s happiness? In light of this common saying, it is easy to see why you might be worried about being too nice when starting a relationship. You may even find yourself questioning every action, from holding the door open to calling too soon after the first date. Fortunately, Cuppls professionals have decided to end the confusion once and for all by weighing in on how being the nice guy affects your relationships.

Revealing Women’s Preferences For Altruism Vs. Attractiveness

All men have wondered  what exactly it is that attracts a woman to a man. While some men are sure it’s their good looks, others believe that showing kindness and being attentive wins over women every time. This great debate has even led to scientific studies to determine whether or not women prefer altruistic men or those with obvious good looks. Time and time again, women tend to prefer men who are shown involved in selfless acts such as helping a child or volunteering in the community. While this highlights that you do have a good chance at finding that special someone as the nice guy, you should know that it greatly depends upon what type of relationship a woman is seeking.

Understanding A Woman’s Relationship Goals

When it comes down to it, most women are looking for either a long-term relationship that provides stability and could lead to marriage, or they are looking for more of a fling. According to our experts, women who are looking for a stable relationship are more likely to place importance upon personality traits that fall in line with being a nice guy. So, a man who demonstrates selflessness is more likely to be a caring partner who knows how to make a relationship work. Women who are looking for flings may be more willing to overlook negative personality traits in favor of handsomeness because they aren’t worried about dealing with them in the future.

Recognizing the Importance of Authenticity

One of the most important relationship tips for men is the classic just be yourself advice. This is because women are more likely to reject a man who comes off as fake. While it may be tempting to play the arrogant man in an attempt to win over women, it simply doesn’t work. Plus, it could backfire if you are seeking a woman for a long-term relationship and she later finds out that your true personality is not what she thought.

Dealing With Challenges of Being the Nice Guy

While women are more likely to be attracted to you in the long run, it is important to note that you may face challenges in the dating game due to your kind demeanor. For example, you may need help getting over an abusive relationship if you accepted verbal or emotional abuse in a previous partner. It can also be hard watching as women ignore your sweet gestures and instead choose a man over you that is not good for them.

It might be hard to believe, but your nice guy personality really does give you an advantage in the dating pool, and relationship counselors online can give you that extra edge with figuring out how to make your next connection with a woman work. While that cocky guy with the chiseled jaw line might arrive at the finish line first, you can be reassured that your extra efforts to be kind will land you a real relationship that goes the distance.


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