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When you spend the majority of your time at work, it only makes sense that you would develop feelings for your coworker. While finding someone who understands exactly what you do during the day seems like fate, it is also important to be aware that dating a coworker can get messy. Fortunately, you can keep your career and date your coworker by using these tips to keep everything professional.

Check the Company Policy

Many companies today understand that people meet at work, but there may still be strict rules in place regarding dating someone in the office pool. While some companies may just frown upon people in the same department dating, it can be grounds for dismissal at others. Checking the company policy lets you know what you are getting into so that you can avoid letting your romance lead to trouble.

Stick to Dating Your Peers

It is important to make sure that dating does not lead to behavior that others might view as unethical. For instance, a new hire who dates a manager might lead others to believe that they are using the relationship to get ahead in their career. Alternatively, it could place a manager’s decisions under increased scrutiny when their relationship partner is eligible for a promotion. Ideally, you should stick to people within your same work level for dating so that no one can accuse you or your partner of passing out special favors.

Maintain Professionalism

Public displays of affection were just annoying in high school, but they have absolutely no place in the office. While you might not be able to stand waiting to give your partner a smooch, at least wait until you are at lunch and far away from the prying eyes of your coworkers. At the office, treat your partner as you would any other coworker by keeping any physical interaction professional.

Strike the Right Balance

Seeing your partner every day at work has lots of benefits, but it can also get overwhelming. Try to make sure that your relationship does not strictly revolve around your career together by making an effort to balance your work and social life. Make an effort to develop interests together outside of work so that your conversations don’t become stale, and cultivate friendships with people outside of your workplace that you can both spend time with separately or together.

Avoid Discussing Your Relationship Issues At Work

Next to PDA, the worst thing that you can do at work is spill your partner’s secrets to your coworkers. As your relationship gets serious, you will naturally learn things about your partner that they might not want shared at work. This means that venting to your coworker about your latest argument or whining about how their snoring kept you awake is off limits. Remember that you wouldn’t want your partner sharing these things about you either. If you need someone to talk to, choose a neutral party, such as our Cuppls relationship counselors, who would never spill your partner’s secrets at the company meeting.

Take It Slow

It is easy to get excited when you find a connection, yet some of the biggest complications with dating a coworker occur when the relationship ends. For example, getting too physical on a first date could make things feel awkward at work if the relationship never progresses to a second date. Instead of rushing things, take it easy. This also gives you time to discuss how you will handle your relationship at work if something does go wrong.

Practice Good Communication

Experiencing a relationship crisis at work can easily interfere with your ability to do your job if disagreements turn into yelling matches or tear-filled sessions. Learn how to communicate properly with your partner so that issues are resolved in a healthy manner. This not only helps keep things civil at work, but it also ensures that your partnership thrives at home.

Discovering that you have a personal interest in your coworker is exciting, but you also must take steps to protect both of your careers and reputation. With a little planning and communication, you can enjoy an interoffice romance without causing problems that could undermine both your relationship and your job.



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