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Couples Financial Responsibilities Infographic

When it comes to your significant other, sorting out financial duties is an important though not always pleasant task. In fact, many couples view dealing with finances as a chore, or worse.  Statistics verify that social norms dictate that the man be the breadwinner, so he is to take a heavier burden. So while some may base their joint financial plan on this chivalrous tradition, other couples may take a more equal approach. We are here to help you decide the best way to go about your finances by giving you an idea of what other couples have done in the past.

First Date

Though it’s just your first date with this person, you’re both enjoying a wonderful dinner, one filled with meaningful conversation and great food. What could make this situation go awry? This: the server places the bill on the table, no one speaks, you and your date make awkward eye contact, and then one of you has to deal with who’s paying. According to surveys, 77.4% of people believe the correct protocol for a first date is for the man to take the bill; the remainder state the cost should be split.

Household Bills

Virtually every person who owns or rents where they live has to pay for utilities and necessities. However, when living together, it is important to divide the bills so that each member of the relationship is contributing to keeping the lights on and putting food on the table. Factoring out couples who have a joint bank account, it is commonplace for the man to take care of the gas, electricity, and other amenities while the woman pays for groceries along with the general upkeep of the house.


Growing old together is ultimately the end-goal for most couples, but doing so comfortably requires smart budgeting and a joint savings plan. Over half of married couples have joint accounts, but when it comes to long-term financial planning, men are typically the larger contributor. An alarming finding is that one-third of couples report that neither person is saving for retirement. We can’t overstate how important it is for a couple to save money as a unit.

Most Common Tips for Couples

The best solution for managing finances is unique to each couple, but a few guidelines can apply to almost everybody. For starters, get a shared lease between you and your partner with no outside help; it will teach responsibility and foster excellent spending habits. Talk seriously about money before marriage, as it does not make sense to avoid the discussion until you are forced to have it. Lastly, create a budget together in order to set a joint standard for spending.

Here at Cuppls, we understand the importance of having the “money” talk with your significant other, so when you are ready to have that conversation consider our recommendations above, or contact one of our Cuppls Recommended Financial Advisors.


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