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3 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have. Now.

Communication is critically important in all relationships. Certain conversations can help establish a stronger bond between a couple. The three conversation subjects below encompa...

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The Cost of a Relationship: How Couples Divide Financial Responsibilities

When it comes to your significant other, sorting out financial duties is an important though not always pleasant task. In fact, many couples view dealing with finances as a chore, ...

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Tags: couples advise, money, finances

Cohabitation Law — It’s More Complicated Than You Think

Cohabitation often seems like the perfect solution for couples who are still not quite ready to commit to marriage or who have specific beliefs that go against the concept of a tra...

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Tags: breakup, relationship issues

The Real Facts About Alimony Reduction

Alimony is one part of a divorce agreement that is often surrounded by many misconceptions. For example, many people still believe that alimony is only for women, yet men can also ...

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The Top 5 Things Couples Fight Over

There are many reasons why you might get into a fight with your significant other. Altercations and tension between you and your partner cause problems that can wind up affecting t...

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Should You and Your Partner Consider Relationship Therapy?

Couples often consider going to relationship therapy, but they put it off for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps you feel as though your relationship problems are too big to resolve, or...

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Tags: relationship therapy, relationship counseling, relationship tips

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Infographic: The Most Common Signs of Infidelity - Men vs. Women

Infidelity. It’s all too commonplace in today’s relationships, with about 41% of married individuals admitting to have cheated on their partner. With these telltale signs, you will be far better prepared to keep your relationship from becoming an infidelity statistic.

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Infographic: Five Stages of A Relationship

Every relationship goes through various changes.  From emotional twists and turns to sudden variations in attraction levels, a typical relationship mirrors a roller coaster—thrilling and exciting, but it can be scary at the same time.

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