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The term “sex sells” can be attributed to the success of many advertisements that used a sexy image to get attention. However, Tinder, surprisingly, owes its success less to sex appeal and more to following trends and great branding.

Personalized attention is key to a business’s success. Being able to specifically target a certain demographic will  go far in helping make your marketing efforts be more efficient and effective. For example, Tinder wanted a younger demographic, so they decided to pay for a college student’s birthday party where they had the bouncer require attendees to download the app before entering. Tinder also spread the word about their app by going to coffee shops that were hotspots for their target demographic and talking loudly about their app. So being specific with targeting can help increase the effectiveness of your marketing tactics.

Another essential element to a brand’s success is the user experience. Tinder realized that singles have busy lives and do not want to wait days for a response because they want immediacy. Tinder capitalized on this by accelerating the entire process. Other businesses should learn from this and start to brainstorm how they can improve their user experience — whether it’s being able to make a purchase faster or making the interface more attractive.

Tinder stands out in the extremely large dating app market. Their success can be attributed to giving personalized attention to their users and applying what they find to improve the experience. Brands should start following Tinder’s success and continue to learn from them.

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