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You know that it takes two people to make your relationship work, but lately it might feel like you are the one putting in all of the effort. Although it hurts to hear your partner say that they are not interested in going to therapy, you don’t have to feel as though your relationship is hopeless. Going to relationship therapy alone may feel strange at first, but it is possible to achieve many benefits from choosing this time to focus on what you can do to improve the interactions between you and your partner at every stage in your relationship.

What Are the Benefits of Relationship Therapy?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there is one divorce every 36 seconds in America, and even more breakups occur when you factor in unmarried relationships. Relationship therapists are specially trained to help couples recognize the issues that affect their marriage while also showing them strategies that help them resolve their problems. When you commit to using the strategies that you learn in therapy, you can help lower the risk of breaking up or getting a divorce.

Will a Therapist Work With You Alone?

Absolutely! Relationship therapists would much rather know that at least one person is seeking help for their couples problems. As you work with your therapist, they can help you with both individual issues and the problems that occur within your relationship. It does help to have your partner’s input in the sessions, but a professional counselor knows how to help improve your relationship even if you are the only one to start going to the sessions.

What Will You Work On During Sessions?

During your relationship sessions, a therapist will work with you on a personalized plan that helps you overcome the challenges in your relationship. Keep in mind that the things that you work on are based upon what you tell your therapist, so be honest about issues, such as infidelity and addiction, as this helps your therapist know how to more effectively proceed with your sessions. You can also expect the things that you work on in your counseling sessions will change over time. For instance, you may start to work through trust issues but later shift your focus to improving your bond through better communication.

Will Going Alone Convince Your Partner to Join?

The Marriage Guardian reports that the average couple attends approximately 20 sessions over the course of their therapy before they feel comfortable trying to work on things alone. Starting your couples counseling sessions by yourself still gives your partner plenty of time to join in if they decide to do so. Although there is no guarantee that your partner will go, our Cuppls experts find that most people come around to the idea of couples counseling when they see how it helps their partner. Just remember to avoid pushing your partner since that could backfire and drive them away from going even more. Instead, focus on demonstrating the things that you learn in your sessions by keeping your interactions positive.

Is Solo Couples Counseling Effective?

You get back what you put into couples counseling. For some couples, this might mean realizing that it is in fact time to go their separate ways. However, the majority of couples find that their relationship gets better after even one person out of the two goes to counseling. This is because your perspective and actions play a big role in the overall happiness that you feel in your relationship. Simply learning how to trust your partner more or listen to their concerns gives your entire relationship a better chance of success.

There are some times when you cannot wait until your partner decides to go to counseling, or you are not sure if they will ever agree to attend therapy sessions. Be prepared to go alone if you must, and remember that even going to solo sessions holds many benefits for your relationship.


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