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The Best Advice for A Friend Who’s Recovering from An Affair

When a friend opens up to you about her or his concerns regarding an unfaithful spouse, it is a mark of trust. Yet, you may find yourself reeling from the news and unsure of how to...

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Tags: professional help online, recovering from an affair, relationship advice

Drug Addiction: Should You Leave or Stay?

Couples Counseling for Addiction A partner struggling with drug addiction can cause havoc in your relationship and can devastate your family life, but drug addiction does not mean ...

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Tags: relationship issues, heartbreak blues, making it last

How I Came Out to My Family About My Same Sex Relationship

Early on in my dating life, I had a few same sex relationships, but none of them were ever serious enough to introduce to my family. While I felt awkward about not sharing this imp...

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Tags: communication, gay couples, same sex relationship, healthy relationship tips, couples advice, lesbian couples

5 Things Fathers Should Know Before Heading Into Child Custody Battles

Child custody battles are one of the most dreaded parts of divorce, and it can get heated when two people love their children so much that they are willing to fight for their right...

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Tags: coping with divorce, legal advice online, children and divorce

Can Your Marriage Survive One Partner’s Sex Addiction?

What Happens When One Partner Is a Sex Addict? A partner’s sex addiction makes you question if you want to stay in the relationship or leave. You may feel hopeless, depressed...

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Tags: finding the one, making it last, relationship advice

Piecing the Story Together: An In-Depth Look into Infidelity Investigations

In recent years, private investigations to catch a cheating spouse have become a popular form of entertainment on so-called reality TV shows. While crying cheaters and their humili...

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Tags: professional help online, making it last, couples advice

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