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Changing social expectations combined with the differences between the sexes makes it seem as if relationships have more curveballs than a baseball game. While your romantic partner may leave you shaking your head in total confusion one moment, you are amazed at the powerful connection you share the next. Or perhaps you are struggling in the dating game because none of your plays seem to work. Either way, these relationship tips for men are among the best we’ve ever heard from our relationship experts, and taking them to heart will help you find and keep that special someone.

Define Your Needs And Stick to Them

When you are in love with someone, it is easy to want to do everything it takes to make her happy. On the other hand, starting a relationship with a few boundaries in place ensures that you don’t wind up feeling like you lost a part of yourself somewhere along the way. This can increase your chances of finding long lasting happiness. Do you place a high value on saving money for the future? Or perhaps you spend a week each year at a corporate convention that furthers your career. Make sure the person you choose to start a relationship understands the importance of these things to you, and refuse to budge on boundaries that are for the greater good.

Know When to Advise and When to Listen

By now, you have heard the classic relationship communication tips involving the importance of listening. Yet, men often mistake this as a cue that they should hear her out and then start trying to fix things. While women sometimes want your advice, they often just need to vent so that they can figure things out on their own. It is also possible that what you consider “fixing” may be taken the wrong way. If she’s complaining about work stress or an argument she had with a friend, let her talk. Listening validates her feelings, and she’ll ask if she wants advice.

Be Authentic From the Beginning

Like  many men, you likely grew up being taught to be a gentleman with women. While doing things such as opening doors never goes out of style, relationship experts always like to stress that being a gentleman doesn’t mean putting on an act. Let your partner know who you are from the beginning. If you love watching monster truck rallies and primitive camping, don’t try to act like you spend every weekend at the opera. Trust us, the right person will love you and even join in on your favorite activities, — but they’ll see right through a lie.

Seek Constructive Feedback

People often keep repeating the same mistakes in relationships because they lack the ability to see what is happening. Online dating advice from professional relationship experts makes it easy to open up about the challenges you are experiencing so that you can get honest feedback about how to change things for the better. While it may feel odd to talk about your romantic relationships, having a neutral party help you navigate strange waters can make a huge difference in how you relate to your partner.

Throw Out the Rule Book

The rules of the dating game are changing, and it is important to let your romantic partner know that you are interested. In the past, you might have heard to wait three days before calling, but new relationship tips focus on being straightforward about your intentions. Do you think she’s beautiful and interesting? If so, let her know. Otherwise, you might just let that perfect match pass by. For those of you who have been with your partner forever, never underestimate the power of a sweet touch as you pass in the hallway or a lingering kiss before work for keeping the romance alive.

Whether you are in a new relationship or have hit a wall in your long-term partnership, there is always room to grow. Keep in mind that the best dating advice is always tailored to your relationship by experts who know that even the smallest changes can score big rewards in the dating game.


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