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Your relationship is one of a kind. So is Cuppls.

Cuppls is the only resource that is all about relationships. Especially your relationship. So no matter what it is that you’re looking for regarding your relationship (or someone else’s), you’re sure to find that Cuppls can help — from the most informative and useful articles, to helping you find highly qualified professionals, to giving you the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve found what you’re looking for, including how to become happier, stronger and more in control.

We saw a very important unmet need. Then we worked really hard to fill it.

(And you’ll be glad we did.)

The founders, key advisory professionals and relationship experts who help lead Cuppls come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. But we all have this is common: A very strong desire to help individuals and couples to deal far better with any relationship issue, no matter how small or how big. All of us at Cuppls are very glad you’ve come here. And we believe you will be, too.

Our Team

Like with any relationship, the team who created and runs Cuppls is made up of people with different backgrounds, different strengths, different ideas — people who know that working together well takes work. So when we say that Cuppls is “All About Relationships” we mean our own as well.

Dawn Ricci and Anthony DeLorenzo
Co-founders and Visionaries
Dave Russell
Executive Leader
Ken Baron
Marketing Chief
Gail Rosenberg
Administrative Director

How to get the most out of all that Cuppls offers you, and your relationship.

We can help. From the everyday relationship concerns to those life-changing ones, Cuppls has the information, access to professionals, and other important, useful services all here to help you. And your relationship.

My Relationship

Here’s where you’ll find articles — many researched and written by Cuppls contributing writers — that provide the insights and  understanding to make better informed decisions about the kinds of relationship issues that couples experience. “My Relationship” is a great place for you to start exploring Cuppls, especially if you’re not sure exactly what kind of information or help you’re looking for. Chances are, you’ll soon find just what you need.


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Relationship Challenges Section

This is where many of our visitors start off with Cuppls,  specifically to find the immediate and substantial help to deal with one or more major, serious problems with their relationship — from work/life issues, to abuse, financial issues, infidelity, separation and divorce. Our “Relationship Challenges” Section also offers fast, easy, private access to the highly qualified professionals, including  relationship therapists, family law attorneys, and more.


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Starting Over

You’re stronger, you’re smarter, you’re happier. And you’re ready to move on and enjoy life again. Our “Starting Over” Section is a great place to begin the process of building that better life for yourself, your kids, your future. This is where you’ll find Cuppls articles and advice that help you create the happier and emotionally secure life that you deserve.


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Professional Help Section

Cuppls offers private, secure access to highly qualified  professionals who can help those seeking guidance and advice,  including therapists, attorneys, investigators, financial experts and more. This private, secure access to the professionals found in the Cuppls “Professional Help” Section has become a vastly important  service that’s helped individuals and couples get through some of life’s most difficult challenges.


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