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Love is blind, or so the saying goes. When two people are in love, it is sometimes assumed that love is enough for a relationship to stand strong. The powerful bond between individuals appears to be so strong that close to nothing can bring their newly found unit down. A successful relationship, however, takes more than love. It takes time, effort, constant nurturing, and a whole lot of work. Committing to open, honest, and courageous communication is a step in the right direction for improving your marriage and ensuring there is more than just “love.”  Here are some tips that might help:

Men and Women Are Different

Love and respect are related but separate concepts. A woman rarely responds well to being told by her partner that he knows she can handle things – manfully – by herself. Women need to feel loved. Men need to feel respected. Are your communications with your partner sending vibes of love, or respect? Both? Neither?

Have Faith In Your Partner

The number one blockage to communication comes from lack of trust. It’s understandable we might hold some things back from our partners. We do this out of fear of hurting their feelings or to prevent their disappointment in us. Trust is never absolute and ideal. But the question must be asked: If you can’t trust your partner with your feelings and innermost secrets, why are you with your partner in the first place?

Find Good Things To Say

It’s important to communicate, but it’s more important to have something good to communicate. You’ll find avalanches of relationship advice stating “communication is key!” as though that were some sort of mystical revelation. Communication isn’t going to help if you have nothing good to say to each other. You must constantly find good things to communicate, even in the most challenging times.

Assume Positive Intent

When one partner assumes the other is trying to be hurtful, communication gets killed before it starts. Assume what your partner tells you comes from a place of love. If your partner seems to be picking on you, try to find out why through honest and open dialogue.

Help is Available

If you find communication is blocked, help is available. A professional relationship therapist, like those at Cuppls, can assist with this classic problem of togetherness by helping to open up honest lines of communication. The tenderness you feel for each other, combined with courageous and open communication, actually is enough for lasting happiness.


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