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The world is filled with stories about men trying to get an edge in the dating game, so it’s easy to forget that there truly are nice guys out there. In fact, it is quite common for a man to simply extend a gesture of kindness toward a woman, and then have it backfire when she thinks he is flirting. Mixed messages also make it harder for women to figure out who is actually interested in dating. After all, a woman can spend hours wondering if that man who gave up his seat on the bus might have been trying to get her number. To clear up the confusion, here are a few things nice guys do that are often just their way of staying true to their values by doing the right thing.

Holding Doors Open

There is no denying that holding the door open for the person standing behind you is just good manners, especially if you notice that they have their hands full. However, some women still think that this is chivalrous behavior that a man would do when he likes someone. While a man often holds the door open for his date, you will also notice the same man holding doors open for both men and women at other public places, such as the post office. Although it might not mean he is flirting, ladies can still take this gesture as a good sign that a man may be dating material just based upon his good manners.

Staying Friends With Their Ex On Social Media

The dilemma of whether to stay friends with an ex on social media strikes men and women alike. Often, nice guys will opt to maintain some type of friendship with their ex online since they worry that hitting delete will hurt their feelings. A really nice guy may even take this so far as to make a generic comment now and then or like a new post. This usually just means that they are trying to keep things civil. If they really want to flirt, then they will send a text or private message.

Giving Up Their Space In Line

This nice guy gesture falls into a similar category as holding a door open. Nice guys are always looking for a way to make someone’s life better. If they notice that you are only holding a carton of eggs behind them at the grocery store while they have a full cart, then you can bet that he will gesture for you to move in front. Naturally, this can make a women feel happier since being able to move up in line always brightens the day, but it is quite likely that he was just trying not to be a bother by making you wait.

Flashing a Smile

For the most part, nice guys are generally happy men who enjoy spreading their joy around. At work, you might catch him smiling at you from across the room when he sees you look up from your computer screen. At times, a nice guy might even add a friendly comment about the day or a compliment on something that you did recently. This naturally heightens the confusion. However, a smile is usually just a smile, unless it is followed by his saying something that indisputably indicates that he likes you.

Extending an Invitation

For women, an invitation to do something together is often considered a date. Yet, nice guys don’t always view it this way. For instance, a man might get so excited to find another person who loves the same movie genre or music that he extends an invitation to see a show together. While a woman might think it’s a date, he just views it as a chance to share an awesome experience with a platonic friend. With these situations, be honest and make sure that everyone is on the same page before the event, as it is best for preventing misunderstandings.

When a gesture of kindness is mistaken for flirting, the consequences can range from mild amusement to complete embarrassment. Since nice guys simply can’t help but do the right thing, it is always best to be aware of the potential for confusion so that honest communication can ensure that no one experiences hurt feelings.


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