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Are you looking for a way to catch a cheating husband? Is your wife exhibiting signs of an affair? If only it were as easy to catch an unfaithful spouse as buying a mouse trap, baiting it with cheese, and waiting until morning to see what or who was in the trap. Cheaters, however, often are seasoned veterans in creating cover stories and explaining away gaps in timelines and strange texts and phone calls. So even though it might be difficult, it is not impossible to catch your unfaithful spouse. Follow the tips below to get started.

The Basics

Before buying spy equipment and quitting your job to do full time surveillance on your spouse, check out the things that are open and obvious to you. If you have a home phone, check the caller ID for strange names and numbers. Review messages on home voicemail. If you have access to your spouse’s phone, check for strange contacts, phone numbers, emails, and text and voice messages. Investigate anything that appears suspicious.

Digging Deeper

If you do not find any traces on the actual devices (remember that cheaters can be tricky and often try to cover their tracks), check the monthly statements for home and cell phones. Often times, calls made and received are listed along with the date, time, and duration. Call patterns can be established and unfamiliar numbers can be looked up. For a small fee, a phone number can be traced back to its owner and often includes some personal information, such as address and age.

Hi-Tech Tools

For those who are electronically inclined, there are many options for tracking and locating a cheater. A GPS can be installed in the suspect’s vehicle, but it can be installed only by the spouse and no one else. It can either be followed live or retrieved from the vehicle and the data then analyzed. Many smartphones are now equipped with a locator that can be accessed remotely using an app. Once the location of the phone is established, the cheating spouse can be located.

Super Sleuth

If you have the time and the patience, you can catch a cheater by following them. If your spouse has been acting suspicious and has a change in his or her routine that doesn’t seem quite right, your best bet might be to simply follow him or her. If there is a rendezvous taking place, you will have proof. Be sure that you have made arrangements in advance for childcare, if needed, and limit your discussion of your plan to a small number of people that will not alert your spouse.

You might also check credit and debit card statements for strange charges, such as hotel rooms or items that were purchased that you have never seen.

Professional Help

Catching a cheater is not for everyone. You might suspect and even be fairly certain that your spouse is being unfaithful but do not have the emotional stamina that it takes to gather the evidence you need. Search for a private investigator online that specializes in infidelity investigations and let them do the work for you. The expert private investigators here at Cuppls are good place to start.


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