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Every new relationship starts with those tentative first steps such as asking an interesting woman out for a date. While you may have already gotten over the initial hump of making introductions, it is normal to feel nervous about taking this next step. After all, the fear of rejection can leave you frozen and stumbling over your words. Fortunately, women tend to find a little nervousness endearing so don’t worry about trying to be super suave. Instead, increase your chances for a “yes” by using these new relationship tips for scoring that first date.

Create a Connection First

Asking a woman out on a date is much easier when you know for sure that she might be interested in hanging out later. For women, make sure that the object of your desire is interested in same sex relationships before you ask for a date or you risk potential confusion later on. Men should try not to ask for a date during the first few minutes of meeting, even if you feel that time is short such as when seeing someone interesting in a public space. Instead, ask for a phone number or email address so that you can get to know them better before making your move.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

When you meet someone you find attractive, it is easy to get carried away thinking about the future. However, getting caught up in thoughts about what might happen down the road just increases your nervousness. A favorite relationship tip for men is to focus on staying grounded in the present. Concentrate on just getting her to say yes to meeting you for coffee or dinner first. You can then worry about your future once you are sure about your compatibility.

Skip The Temptation to Text

When you are terrified of rejection, it is all too easy to try to get out of a face-to-face conversation by texting your request. However, texting can leave your potential date confused by your intentions, especially if she already views you as a friend. When possible, do everything you can to speak in person or at least over the phone so that there is no doubt in either of your minds that this is a definite date.

Be Specific

A woman is more likely to reject your request if you frame your request for a date with something generic such as “can we hang out later.” This is because no one likes uncertainty, and “later” could mean anything from this evening to months from now. Have a set date and time in mind. This way, she can give you an honest answer regarding whether or not your date plans fit into her schedule.

Pique Her Interest

Starting a relationship always goes better when you share a new experience together that taps into both of your interests. Forget about the traditional movie and dinner night, and ask her to do something that she won’t want to miss out on. Get creative, and ask her to go with you to an upcoming reading from her favorite author, or plan an adventure such as a hot air balloon ride. She’ll appreciate your ingenuity, and the shared experience will provide an unforgettable opportunity to increase your bond.

Once you get past asking a woman out for a date, the possibilities are endless for making a connection that lasts. Just make sure to follow through on your date by showing that you are interested in what she has to say, and consider seeking online dating advice from experts as you navigate through the next steps in your relationship. By making sure this date goes well, she might just be the one asking for another chance to get to see you again.


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