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If you’ve never worked with a professional relationship expert before, then couples counseling can seem mysterious. After all, it means talking to a stranger about your intimate relationship in the hopes that things will get better. In fact, you may not even be sure that a counselor could help you with your problems when they seem so insurmountable. It’s normal to be hesitant about attending couples counseling, and our relationship experts frequently address the following common concerns that people have about therapy during their first session.

Having to Tell Your Secrets

Privacy is important to everyone, and many people find it hard to open up to someone new. Our relationship experts never push you to say more than you want, and you maintain control over what is discussed during your counseling sessions. While it does help you get the most out of therapy to be open about things such as addiction or infidelity, it is always your choice to disclose these types of issues when you are ready. If you do decide to share a secret, then you also benefit from talking to a professional counselor who maintains confidentiality and will never judge.

Getting Blamed for Everything

No one likes to be accused of being at fault for the problems in their relationship, and you may worry that your counseling sessions will turn into an attack on everything that you are doing wrong. While this is a normal fear, you should know that couples counseling is meant to help reveal what both people can do to make things better. Instead of blaming you or your partner for everything that goes wrong, a counselor helps to keep your mind focused on the positive actions that you can take to improve your relationship.

Being Unmarried

The American Psychological Association reports that 40 to 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. Couples who cohabitate have even lower odds of making their relationship last. Couples counseling is not only designed for married couples, but it is also for anyone who needs to work on their relationship. Even if you are not married, your relationship can still benefit from participating in couples counseling. Working through your issues helps you stack those odds back into your favor that your partnership will last.

Feeling Like a Failure

For many couples, counseling represents giving it one last shot before filing for divorce. Naturally, this is a lot of pressure, and you may worry that starting counseling reveals more problems than you or your partner know how to handle. The good news is that you can breathe a sigh of relief because 65 percent of couples surveyed by the Marriage Guardian reported having significant improvement in their relationship once counseling was over. Even if your marriage still flounders, you never have to feel like a failure because going to counseling shows that you both gave it your all.

Finding the Time to Go

Busy couples may find that it is hard to nail down a time when both people can attend counseling. After all, it’s hard enough to sit down and talk at home when you have work and family responsibilities on your shoulders. This concern is easily addressed by exploring your options for online couples counseling. These sessions offer more flexibility since you can eliminate the need to drive to and from an office. You can also choose to attend sessions together or take individual counseling that allows you both to grow as a couple. Eliminating the barrier of time makes it possible to heal your relationship even when you have just a few minutes to spare each week.

Our relationship counselors at Cuppls will address your concerns from the very beginning so that you feel confident about this next step in your relationship. Whether you are worried about being the scapegoat or are just not sure how you can possibly fit counseling into your schedule, overcoming your reservations allows you to enjoy the benefits of improving your relationship.

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