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No one likes to think about having an unfaithful spouse. However, statistics show that cheating in marriage is more common than your probably think. Men are slightly more likely than women to have an affair. Chances are your spouse will not come out and tell you that she has been unfaithful, but there are some signs of an affair that you can watch out for. While these behaviors could have other causes and should not be your sole evidence, they are good indicators that further investigation might be necessary.

Changes in Intimacy

During your marriage, the amount of intimate moments is usually quite predictable and often revolves around schedules and other obligations and responsibilities. If your wife suddenly has a noticeable increase or decrease in her interest in intimacy, that could signal that she is also pursuing an extramarital affair.

Changes in Appearance and Attitude

While hairstyles and make-up trends may change, extreme changes in clothing styles, undergarments, and bathing or grooming habits might signal that your wife is dressing to impress someone else. Her attitude toward you might also change. She might become less patient, defensive, or irritated at the slightest comment that you make.

Suspicious Behavior

Giving your spouse some privacy allows her to be her own person as well as your wife. But if she becomes overly protective of her phone, email, and internet use, she may have messages and calls that she is hiding. When asked to show what she is trying to hide, she might become defensive and divert the conversation to another subject such as how you do not trust her.

Changes in Routines

A cheating wife might need to make alterations to her daily routine to accommodate an extramarital affair. She might make adjustments to her work routine or errands schedule. Although there are many legitimate reasons for schedule changes, the ones to accommodate an affair may seem illogical and contrary to rational thinking.

What Now?

If you suspect your wife is cheating, keep a list of all of the suspicious activity that you witness. Pay extra attention to behaviors that seem out of character. Check for unexplained expenses on credit and debit card statements. You might want to hire a private investigator to conduct an infidelity investigation to prove your suspicions. Once confirmed, you must decide how to confront her and what you want the outcome to be. If you are both committed to keeping the marriage together, it might be helpful to find a marriage counselor that can help you put the affair behind you and move forward. However, should you decide that the marriage cannot be saved, a divorce lawyer should be consulted to protect your interests. Any evidence collected during the infidelity investigation should be preserved for use at divorce hearings. And here at Cuppls, we have professionals — including private investigators, relationship therapists and family law attorneys — who can help you.


No one should go into a marriage assuming that their spouse will be unfaithful. But the facts and statistics show that over 50% of men and women have cheated in at least one of their relationships. If you notice changes in your spouse’s behavior, attitude, routine and appearance – investigate for a cause. Then, proceed as needed.


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