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Communication is critically important in all relationships. Certain conversations can help establish a stronger bond between a couple. The three conversation subjects below encompass major topics that are important to discuss with your partner, right now:

What Makes You Happy

To maintain a healthy relationship, it is vital to communicate what brings you and your significant other happiness. Common joys often include passions, sex, and the little things. Healthy relationships are found between couples who pay attention to, flatter, flirt with, and respect their partner. In fact, sexual communication is directly linked to greater satisfaction while it also indirectly increases intimacy. It might also be surprising to hear that it takes couples around 5 months to say, “I love you.”

What Makes You Upset

Communication about displeasures and pet peeves can prevent larger problems from arising later on. Do not be afraid to share these concerns with your significant other. When an issue is out in the open, partners can make more of a conscious effort to avoid irritating each other. With 83% of women feeling that their partner does not validate their opinions or feelings enough, it’s clear that open communication is key. Did you know, minor arguments about pet peeves and bad household habits occur over 300 times a year?

The Future

It is reported that 33% of people will have their first conversation about the long-term future within one year. Looking ahead is always a bright idea; but first, be sure to think things through and instigate honest discussions, especially about money, marriage, and family planning. Planning to continue a relationship might bring about new issues and stresses, so communication is important to help keep the on-going relationship healthy and happy. Lack of preparation for marriage is creditable for 41% of divorces and 45% because of unrealistic expectations.

Start Today

These three conversations are necessary for a successful and healthy relationship, as they cover major topics that can determine the relationship’s length and happiness. Although it may be awkward at first, there will be plenty of positives that come out of having open communication with your partner.


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