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At some point, every marriage hits a point where it just feels like the spark is lost. While romance naturally ebbs and flows, you never want to let your passion for each other completely burn out. To get that loving feeling back, use these ideas to surprise your partner with a romantic gesture that they’ll never forget.

Dress Up For a Romantic Dinner In

When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget the little things such as dressing up for your spouse. If your look lately has been super casual, then get dressed in your best outfit like it is your first date all over again. Then, cook their favorite meal, and light a few candles for a special meal just for the two of you.

Stick a Love Note In Their Pocket

Keep your spouse wondering what else you might have up your sleeve by slipping a little love note into the pocket of the pants that they wear to work. You can make this surprise as simple as a hand drawn heart, or you can go with a full page letter that reveals your deepest feelings.

Run a Romantic Bath

When you know that your partner has had a long day, tell them to take the rest of the evening off. Then, run them a warm bath. Be sure to go all out with candles and rose petals. Hand them a glass of wine, and let them soak in total relaxation while you handle getting the kids to bed.

Plan a Trip to Their Favorite Destination

Spend a few minutes thinking about a place that your spouse always talks about visiting. Whether they want to go back to their hometown or jet off to a tropical island, figure out a way to make it happen. Then, surprise them with the itinerary. Since you handled all of the details, they will be impressed that you knew them well enough to plan the perfect adventure.

Take Them to the Amusement Park

Take a break from all of the serious stuff that goes with being married and get you and your partner into a carefree mindset. From holding hands on the carousel to sharing some cotton candy, feeling young again will spark a sense of romance that lasts long after your fun day is over.

Tackle Their Dreaded Chore

You know that your partner hates taking out the trash at night or maybe they have been putting off doing laundry so long that it’s starting to get scary. When you tackle your loved one’s most-hated chore, it lets them know that you will always have their back. With the extra time on their hands, they might even want to indulge in a kiss or two.

Steal Their Car For an Hour

Let your spouse sleep in on a weekend morning so that you can grab their keys. Then, take it to the car wash and have it completely detailed. Your partner will feel totally pampered and they will think sweet thoughts about you every time they get behind the wheel.

Set Up a Surprise Girl’s or Boy’s Night Out

Sometimes, it takes some time apart to rekindle the spark. Call up your partner’s best friends and arrange for them to have a night out that is all your treat. Your spouse will be so surprised that you planned an evening out for them, that they might just come home early for a few romantic cuddles.

Ask Them to Teach You Their Favorite Hobby

Seeing your partner in their element is always a great way to spark some romance. Whether they enjoy playing an instrument or riding dirt bikes, ask them to spend a few hours showing you the ropes. While you probably won’t master the skills, you will bond through discovering a new shared activity.

Use the element of surprise to send a bolt of energy running through your relationship that ignites a spark that keeps on going. By showing your partner that they are worth the effort, you will generate positive emotions that remind both of you why you love being married.


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