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Gone are the days where someone could be out of touch for hours or possibly days and explain away such behavior with a fabricated story that no one could prove or disprove. These days we are in constant contact with everyone. We can reach someone in seconds by text, email, phone call, video chat, and the list goes on. We have multiple apps and programs that don’t let us miss a thing that is going on. While it sometimes would be nice to relax back into a simpler time when we could have a few uninterrupted moments, if you suspect that you have an unfaithful spouse, this technology can be very helpful in gathering evidence.

The Basics

Your computer is a great place to start searching, and a lot can be done without purchasing or downloading anything. Check your computer’s internet browsing history. Assuming no one cleared it, there will be a list of all sites visited. Look for chat sites, instant message sites, or any other site that is out of the ordinary or raises any red flags. Next, look at your computer’s trash folder. Often times, items are deleted but the trash folder is not emptied. Those items remain in the trash folder for a certain number of days before they are permanently deleted. If you know your spouse’s email password, you can check incoming and outgoing emails to see if there is any evidence there. This is also a good place to check out the email trash folder for items that have been deleted.

Cell Phone Tracker

There are also apps and services that let you track a cell phone from your computer. This technology allows you to find a phone anywhere and can also track GPS data for the phone so that its route can be discovered. You will know instantly if your spouse is where he or she is supposed to be.

(If you have some private access to the phone, you can also review text messages, emails, incoming and outgoing telephone calls, and other information readily available on the phone.)


If you suspect your spouse is not where he or she says she is, a GPS can be installed on his or her vehicle and tracked online. It may not tell you who he or she is meeting, but it can give you a very valuable location. A GPS can be legally installed only a car that is jointly owned by the married couple.

Computer Monitoring Software

Technology has advanced so that you are able to purchase computer monitoring software that allows you to be a detective on a computer without detection from the user, firewall, or antivirus software. The software can keep track of websites that were visited even if the browsing history was deleted and can also block access to certain websites.

Other features included recording chat or instant messenger conversations both incoming and outgoing, screenshots of items pulled up on the computer screen even if they were never saved, and keylogger which captures not only conversations, but passwords that are entered for accounts and emails.

All of this can be monitored remotely and set up to provide alerts when the computer is accessed.

Enlist The Help Of A Professional

If you are unable to get the proof you need to confront your cheating spouse, consider finding a private investigator online that specializes in infidelity investigations. Allow them to collect the evidence for you.

Once you have the proof you need, present the information to your spouse. Decide whether or not you want to consult couples therapists that specialize in recovering from an affair and work on the issues of the marriage. If you choose to end the marriage, the internet is also a great place to start in your search for a divorce attorney.


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