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The decision to acquire counseling from Cuppls is one that more and more partnerships are making. And if you feel like you’re ready to make that appointment with a therapist, it’s good to first appreciate that the time period between when you schedule the appointment and when you actually meet with a therapist can be stressful. However, you can keep some tips in mind that will help to enliven your relationship and to ease some of the fears and concerns before you actually meet with your therapist.

Ask for Information

When you make the appointment, you should find out if you need to bring or prepare anything for the meeting. Instead of trying to guess what you should do in advance for the next several days or weeks, you’ll be receiving information directly from the source and feel more comfortable going into the appointment.  Feeling ready and prepared is key to starting off your session on a positive note.

Don’t Script the Session

While you are waiting for the date of the therapy session, you might try to script the entire conversation in your head. That method doesn’t work because you don’t know what the therapist is going to ask you. Also, one goal of therapy is to define your true self and to learn how to be honest and open with yourself and other people. If you have the entire session planned out in your head before you go, then you aren’t allowing that goal to develop. You might even feel like rehearsing what you are going to say with your partner; this issue is a major one. It shows that you are not open to receiving authentic advice on your relationship and that you may even have information that you want to hide from the therapist.

Do Gather Your Thoughts

Even though you do not want to develop a script for the session, you can gather your thoughts, and you should ask your partner to do the same. You may have a number of issues that you want to talk about in therapy, and you can bring a list with you. However, you should develop realistic expectations. Don’t think that the therapy session will consist of the two of you rattling off every issue that you have with the relationship. Resolving struggles in relationships takes time. You might have ten items on your list that you want to talk about, but, be forewarned, you may get through only one in the first session.

Expect More than One Session

In rare cases, couples go to one therapy session, and both the partners and the therapist feel as though they do not need to return. However, that situation is unlikely to happen, especially when you have deep issues to resolve. Right now, you or your partner may think that you will go to the therapist’s office once, talk about a few problems, receive an easy solution and move on with your lives. Therapy is as much a process as it is a commitment. During your first session, you will likely arrange a plan for multiple visits, and you will begin to develop strategies to help your relationship.

Keep a Routine

Once you have the appointment booked, you might feel as though it is all that you can focus on. You may also notice that your partner goes into a slump. Keep in mind that you are going to therapy because you both care about the relationship and want it to work out. Keep a regular routine at home. While you don’t have to suddenly start spending every second together if you didn’t before, you want to have a sense of normalcy in your lives.


Throughout your preparation for therapy, it is important to keep one main idea in your mind: the fact that the two of you have a keen interest in making your relationship better. You might view therapy as a negative; however, adjust your mindset to recognize that therapy is there to help improve your relationship. Instead of thinking about how nervous you are for the session, focus on how excited you are to increase the chances of an improved relationship with your partner.


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