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The Best Child Support Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Child support can turn into a seriously touchy subject when you have ended your relationship with your child’s other parent. Sadly, child support meetings can quickly deteriorate...

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Tags: children and divorce, parenting tips

Getting Remarried? Here’s Important Child Support Advice You Both Need

Getting remarried after a divorce is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. Besides managing the ups and downs of blending families, there are also financial consideratio...

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Tags: legal advice online, children and divorce, professional help online

Factors for Mixed Families to Consider and Discuss Before Remarrying

Mixed families are becoming more common than ever before. When people with children remarry, things can get a little complex. There are more questions to ask than just about who...

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Tags: healthy relationship tips, family time, parenting tips

How to Deal with Divisive In-Laws, Spiteful Stepchildren, and Other Troublemakers You’re Stuck With

When you fell in love with your partner, you knew you could overcome anything together. Now, however, that belief is being challenged. In every marriage, there is bound to be a few...

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Tags: making it last, professional help online, communication

Helping Your Children Deal with a Breakup and its Aftermath

All children around the world share one thing in common: None asked to be born. When the relationship of the couple that brought them into being threatens to disappear, their feeli...

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Tags: children and divorce, heartbreak blues, coping with divorce

How to Keep Intimacy Alive after Your First Child is Born

Welcoming a baby into your family is a big moment that brings many joys and surprises. One surprise for which many couples aren’t prepared, however, is the sudden drop in intimac...

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Tags: healthy relationship tips, making it last, parenting tips

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Infographic: The Most Common Signs of Infidelity - Men vs. Women

Infidelity. It’s all too commonplace in today’s relationships, with about 41% of married individuals admitting to have cheated on their partner. With these telltale signs, you will be far better prepared to keep your relationship from becoming an infidelity statistic.

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Infographic: Five Stages of A Relationship

Every relationship goes through various changes.  From emotional twists and turns to sudden variations in attraction levels, a typical relationship mirrors a roller coaster—thrilling and exciting, but it can be scary at the same time.

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