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What to Look For in a Couples Therapy Program

Even the best relationships occasionally hit rough spots, and choosing to go to couples therapy says a lot about the value you place on your partnership. Whether you are recovering...

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Tags: couples, couples therapy, relationship help, program

Should I Hire A Private Investigator If I Think My Spouse Is Cheating?

Figuring out how to catch a cheating spouse is hard when your partner is adept at covering their tracks. While you are certain that they have to be making slip ups, it is virtually...

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Tags: legal advice online, cheating, professional help online

Gay Couples Counseling to Keep Your Relationship Strong

Finding the perfect partner once seemed like the hardest part about relationships. Yet, you now know that trying to make a relationship strong takes a lot of work. As you no doubt ...

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Tags: making it last, professional help online, finding the one

The Pros and Cons of Prenuptial Agreements

Planning a wedding is exciting, and in the upcoming weeks you can expect to make a lot of pertinent decisions. While it is easy to get swept away in the romance of picking out flow...

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Tags: legal advice online, couples advice, relationship tips

Commitment Issues: Surprising Ways Men and Women Differ

It’s no surprise that men and women have different views of relationships. While some of these differences make life more interesting, others can destroy relationships before the...

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Tags: commitment issues, healthy relationship tips, relationship issues, dating advice

How to Find The Perfect Private Investigator For Your Needs

A romantic partner is the one person in your life that you should be able to trust, and noticing the signs of an affair shatters your belief in the relationship. Affairs can happen...

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Infographic: The Most Common Signs of Infidelity - Men vs. Women

Infidelity. It’s all too commonplace in today’s relationships, with about 41% of married individuals admitting to have cheated on their partner. With these telltale signs, you will be far better prepared to keep your relationship from becoming an infidelity statistic.

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Infographic: Five Stages of A Relationship

Every relationship goes through various changes.  From emotional twists and turns to sudden variations in attraction levels, a typical relationship mirrors a roller coaster—thrilling and exciting, but it can be scary at the same time.

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