What’s the Difference Between A Legal Separation and A Divorce?

What’s the Difference Between A Legal Separation and A Divorce? Ending a marriage can be complicated and messy. One of the first decisions that you will need to make is wheth...

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Why Do Some Men Cheat After Their First Child Is Born?

Cheating at any time in a relationship is reprehensible, yet the thought of your partner having an affair during such a special time in your life — right after the birth of your ...

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Tags: cheating, couples advice, relationship tips

My Partner Doesn’t Want to Get Married – Should I Stay, Or Go?

It hurts when your partner is unwilling to move forward in your relationship by committing through marriage. Their refusal to get married may leave you doubting their love, and you...

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What To Do When You Can No Longer Afford Child Support

Child support payments are an important part of making sure that your kids have what they need to stay healthy and safe. While you may have had the best of intentions for meeting y...

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Your Child Wants To Live With Your Ex! Don’t Panic, Read This.

After years of raising your child, you can’t believe that they just said that they would rather live with their other parent. While news like this feels like a punch in the gut, ...

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4 Of The Worst Psychological Effects on Women After A Divorce

A divorce is painful, even when you know that it is for the best. While you might have been looking forward to finding your freedom or escaping an abusive relationship, it is norma...

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